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I love all of these products. Be You Be True is the best!

Wow! Such a great necklace for empowering young girls and teens!! And Moms! So proud to see this new edition. Keep doing what you’re doing! Such a positive message, so vital for young girls today.

How absolutely fantastic your website/idea is!!  I have a 6 year old daughter who is ALREADY having self-confidence issues!  These shirts will be right up her alley and she will LOVE wearing them!!  Thank you!

Meryl Streep’s Awesome Advise on Body Image

meryl streep



It’s good to have strong women from Hollywood speaking about body image.   Our culture spends a lot of time and money promoting an unrealistic and unhealthy skinny body image for girls, and as a result,  many girls spend a lot of time worrying about their weight and having a poor body image.

Meryl Streep advises not to spend time worrying about your weight because there are better things.  She believes that for both young men and women, what makes you different or weird is your strength.

Hallelujah!  She is so right.

be different

be weird

Give up the worry about weight.…

you are just twenty minutes away from feeling good about yourself

Do you want to know why I think you are just twenty minutes away from feeling good about yourself?

It’s something very simple and something we all need.





Have you heard of TED Talks?

A mindful friend sent me a note with a link to Brene’ Brown’s TED Talk about the power of vulnerability a few months ago and now it’s my turn to recommend this amazing resource.

If it finds only one person who didn’t know about TED Talks and who is curious to learn more, then I would be thrilled.

I find myself now spending time viewing TED Talks in lieu of watching the Walking Dead (I know I know).  …

Write for Us

Write for Us

Hey Ya’ll

When I was a little girl I never once thought or said “When I grow up, I want to be a writer.”

I still haven’t.

If anything writing causes me extreme anxiety and I have little confidence that I am writing stuff that people actually want to hear.  I just can’t seem to find an authentic voice that is entertaining, informative and encouraging enough to others.

I guess that’s the keyword…. ENOUGH

So, I am happily seeking others who love to write, love to connect with people through their words and want to help them with insight, facts and stories with an emphasis on positive thinking, self help, raising teenagers, being a teenager, life lessons, inspiration and motivation.…

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